Ridiculous Tax Frauds & Write offs

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Weird Tax Evasions and Tax Frauds

Death and Taxes — you’d think people would know by now that those are the only two things you can’t escape. Still, people do some crazy things when it comes to avoiding paying taxes. Let’s look at some of the odd and whacky ways people have tried to commit tax fraud.

Weird Write Offs

You can imagine the Internal Revenue Service has seen its share of weird and whacky write offs over the years.

These write offs include:

  • Breast Implants — Medical deduction, right?
  • Bribery Money — Who exactly were they bribing?
  • Cat Food — Hey, our cats are our kids, too!
  • Clarinet Lessons — Were they any good?
  • Fall Out Shelter — For the prepper in all of us.
  • Navajo Healing Ceremony — Another medical deduction.
  • Sex Toys — Another medical deduction, we suspect.
  • Sperm Donation — Hmmm, no.
  • Witchcraft — Did they hex the IRS agents when they said “no?”
  • You have to wonder what the auditors thought the moment they saw those itemized deductions.

    Strange Reasons for Not Paying Taxes

    The next bunch is downright whacky and get an “A” in our book for effort and creativity. Of course, the IRS has no sense of humor, even if we do, so don’t try these. Courtesy of CNN:

  • Blame your social security number for being the “mark of the beast.” Those who are Christian may recall the Anti-Christ’s mark from the book of Revelations. We’re sure the social security administration might have something to say about that.
  • Claiming that paying taxes is voluntary. Well, it might be, but we’ll see how voluntary it is when the IRS gets hold of your assets.
  • Claiming the IRS isn’t really a government agency and therefore you won’t pay them.
  • Claim your state isn’t really part of the United States. When did they secede and make it stick?
  • Claiming you’re really not a person as defined by the IRS. You have to wonder how the word “individual” doesn’t mean “person.”
  • Saying that only money backed by the gold standard is taxable.
  • Saying that paying taxes is against one’s religion. It’s against our religion too, but we pay them!
  • These reasons may seem logical to those who were making the claims, but did they really think the IRS would accept any of those claims?

    Queen of IRS Tax Fraud

    Note to those would-be tax cheats: don’t boast about it on Facebook.

    Self-proclaimed IRS Tax Fraud Queen, Rashia Wilson, was convicted of stealing $20 million dollars by using others social security tax numbers to file tax returns. She flaunted her lifestyle and that eventually caught up with her. Her boasting on Facebook just made it look even worse. She is now doing 21 years in prison for her crimes.

    Well, They’re Now Famous…

    In Britain, five people were arrested and convicted for fraud, claiming that they would make a movie called “Landscape of Lies.” The five people tried to deduct around $4.2 million dollars for work supposedly done on the film that never was done. Guess it was a landscape of lies?

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